Beat The Monday Blues!

Beat The Monday Blues!

Mondays Mondays Mondays.... What are we going to do with you? Other than the fact that many people hate Monday's just because the weekend was amazingly epic, and the last place most people want to be is back in their offices... Why are Mondays so awful? 

On today's post, it's not about fashion or beauty. It's about how to conquer the week, starting with beating the Monday blues!

1. Drink a cup (or two) of coffee!

If you're not a coffee drinker, try tea! One cup (or two) is actually healthy for you, as long as you're drinking a lot of water throughout the day. If you're really not a caffeine person, then try juicing or smoothies! The natural ingredients you add into your juice/smoothie is a natural energizer that will help you last longer throughout the day! Either way, coffee or not, try something different while eating breakfast! 

2. Exercise!

Exercising in the morning before a busy day will really enhance your perspective, and will help you stay positive throughout your day. I personally love yoga simply for the nice stretch it gives me, and for the energy that I feel flowing through my muscles. Running, or even lifting weights can get you ready for an awesome day ahead too!

3. Eat a big breakfast!

I know some people are skeptical about eating too much... But did you know that this actually helps you lose weight throughout the day? It helps you burn extra calories while just walking, or standing throughout the day, AND it gives you energy to accomplish any task at hand! I love oatmeal with bananas, or even eggs and avocado! YUM!

4. Listen to your favorite song!

Whether you're on your two hour commute, or walking to class, listening to your favorite song is something that I personally need to do to get pumped up for the work day! Why not play a relaxing playlist to get yourself in the right mind set? Trust me you won't regret it!

5. Give a hug to your co-workers/friends!

I've always been a huge hugger, so if this isn't something you're comfortable with, don't stress over it! But I find that if i give a really warm greeting to my co-workers, that the environment is much more pleasant to be in. It not only makes everyone around you happy, but it also shows that you are approachable and willing to work with anyone!

Mondays can finally be conquered with these 5 tips I have for you! I'd love to know if any of you try these awesome tips. If you do, make sure to let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even on this blog post! We love to help you out throughout the week :-).

Have a wonderful MONDAY!

Until next time,
XO Delphine

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