Happy Father's Day! | What To Cook!

Happy Father's Day! | What To Cook!

Let's be honest here, not everyone can cook like Rachel Ray, but we can try right? Today on the blog, we are going to mix things up! Instead of talking about style, fashion, and cute accessories, let's talk about food, food and MORE food! 

A father has to love whatever you cook him, because come on he's your dad and you're his little angel! With cooking, even if you may burn a potato, or under cook the chicken, you're still okay in daddy's book!

Since it is Father's Day, we are going to make a really manly dish. Hamburgers and french fries!! Okay, it's not the hardest recipe in the book, but trust me, from experience, it has gone wrong... So read closely!

Step 1: Decide what kind of burger!

Does your dad like bacon? Is he a turkey burger guy? Does he hate lettuce, tomatoes, and anything else semi healthy about a burger? Well, make sure you get that right! He may let you off the hook for burning the burger, but messing up the order?! Come on! 

Step 2: Medium? Medium Rare? Well done?

This is definitely another important step. If your dad is scared of blood, steer away from medium rare.. and rare of course. If he hates a dry burger, definitely don't go for the well done! This can make or break a Father's Day dinner!

Step 3: What kind of French Fries does he like?

It's between curly, garlic, sweet potato, wedges, or sticks... Lots of options here! Make sure you choose the one he loves the most, just in case cooking the hamburger goes wrong...

Step 4: Cook!

Now this is the fun part! Cook those patties and DON'T forget the buns! Don't be like me and use slices of bread. Put some effort into your preparation! When making the patties, make dad's extra big! Maybe even shape it into a heart. Be creative! It will pay off! And the fries, stick them in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes depending on how crispy you like them! I don't mean burn them.. but if you like them that way, then by all means burn those babies! 

Step 5: Set the table!

Setting the table is the best way to show you love your dad. He's probably not used to you doing so huh? ;). Make the set up beautiful! If mom is joining you, sit them next to each other. If it's just you and daddy-o, sit across from him for more interaction! Enjoy each other's company!

Happy Father's day to those amazing dads out there! We appreciate you and all you have done for us over the years. Also, be nice if our meal doesn't come out the way we had planned... At least we tried! (Have a back up pair of socks if the meal is a total fail.)

Until next time,

XO Delphine


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