What To Eat: On The Fourth of July! | ForElyse.com

What To Eat: On The Fourth of July! | ForElyse.com

Happy Independence Day! First of all, I'd love to know what this holiday means to you! To me, it means respecting our veterans, and those who are serving for our freedom. It also means time with family, friends, and of course a lot of food! 

Food makes everyone happy doesn't it? On today's post I am going to share with you the top 5 BEST foods for any holiday, but especially for a 4th of July weekend!


Hamburgers are a must at any family gathering. They're a classic American dish that everyone loves! Add some of your favorite cheese, or some bacon, and you've got yourself an All American sandwich in your hands!


This is for my vegan/vegetarian friends out there! Sure, you can grab some vegan "meat" and call it good for a tasty hamburger, but if the majority of your family and friends aren't vegan, create an amazing salad! This way, everyone can enjoy your vegan creation too. Add some beans, spring mix lettuce, maybe some tofu, and chicken-less chicken, and call it good! Croutons are always a nice touch too for a crunch.


For my vegan readers, I apologize again for the meat talk, but chicken wings are delicious! They can even start a conversation. "Why did the chicken cross the road.."? Yeah it's not funny, but then the conversation might go into the reason why you have never been funny but that it's funny that you try..? Anyways, you can create any flavor chicken wings! BBQ, Jalapeno, cheddar, or even lemon! 


Don't get me started on cupcakes! They are delicious! I, unfortunately, am lactose intolerant, so usually I have to have the dairy free cupcakes without icing, which is so sad, but it still works for a nice looking esthetic! I always recommend having vegan options and gluten free options, especially if you're throwing a large shindig! Also, decorating them is a blast! Don't forget the flag on top!


I know this isn't a food item, but this whole infused water craze is actually amazing! I LOVE strawberry water. It literally tastes like a dessert, without the extra calories! Also, taking juice, and adding fruit into popsicle cut outs, and putting them in the freezer, makes for a delicious and healthy dessert choice!

The Fourth Of July is my all time favorite holiday for these reasons... The food is always on point, and the strawberries are always fresh. Being around family and friends always makes me the happiest!

We hope you enjoy your fourth of July weekend is fun and exciting, and full of amazing foods!

Until next time,

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